We invite people into a way of being that reimagines the divine,
forms healthy identity,
humanizes others,
and makes a difference in the world.


What is Living FORward?

We think that something very significant happens to people when they begin to primarily define themselves by what they’re for rather than what they’re against. Unfortunately, in our present world, there are strong currents that divide — be it along political lines, ethnic lines, or racial, religious, economic, etc. And it’s not just about ideas or policies. It’s about people. We’re all being pulled toward various forms of “us” and “them,” “in” and “out,” and “right” and “wrong,” often in very hardline terms. Living FORward starts with the acknowledgement that we’ve all had a hand in creating this situation, and only together will we rectify it.

It is about recapturing our very humanity and spirituality, which at the core are relational. It starts with ourselves, and the invitation is to everyone, everywhere.


Living FORward is a way of being, marked by personal realness and wholeness, that enables us to be people who...

…understand that we have our own story, but so does every other person we encounter.

...see others as human beings, not some label that justifies our use of scorn or belittling.

…don’t use others as tools to get what we want.

…don’t see others as obstacles in the way of getting what we want.

…are genuinely curious about the other’s story and seek to understand it, and, if possible, even enhance it.

And here’s the mystery: being for others in this way actually helps you be who you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve. But it’s difficult to get there on your own. You can’t give away what you don’t have.



How We Get There

We help you by creating opportunities for powerful experiences and conversations where you can gain new insights and discover ways to integrate them into life-changing practices and action. Our "Four Rhythms" for Living FORward provide the basis for living it out. We have trained Living FORward Guides to help us learn it, live it, and enjoy the fruit of it in our lives. We’re all in it together for the sake of all.